Michael Ableman | Lecturer & Consultant
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Ableman has consulted on, designed, and installed farms and food production gardens for public, independent, and not for profit endeavours internationally.

Some works include:

  • the Santa Barbara AIDS Hospice
  • an 11-acre farm at the Midland School
  • a 3-acre market garden at the Jordan Downs housing project in Watts
  • an agricultural training center in the parish of Trelawny, Jamaica
  • a city-wide food production hub for National City, California
  • Sole Food Street Farms, a city-wide urban agriculture initiative in Vancouver, British Columbia

Ableman’s presentations blend storytelling with powerful photographic imagery that moves audiences emotionally and encourages them towards positive action. With a warm and engaging public speaking style Ableman’s has inspired audiences throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe.


An Urban Food Manifesto
Building and Sustaining a Social Enterprise
Farm-Based Education
Farming, Gardening, and Marketing Techniques
Sustainable Agriculture
Urban Agriculture
Soil and Health
Carbon and Water: The Critical Role Farmers Can Play in Sequestering Both Addiction and Mental Health: Farming & Gardening’s Positive Role
Creating and Manifesting One’s Vision
Authenticity: Re-discovering a Life Based on Real Work, Real Food, and a Real Relationship with Each Other and the Natural World